Advanced seminar on Computational Topics in Protein Structure Analysis

Fall and spring semesters 2002/2003
This year the seminar is a student advanced seminar Lead by Prof. Haim Wolfson.

Seminar coordinator - Alexandra Shulman

Last year's seminar

The seminar deals with the following topics (the lectures powerpoint presentations are available for downloading):

The Capri contest:

Capri II target and algorithm information .

Molecular dynamics, kinetics and minimization

Introduction to Molecular Dynamics and an example of an amyloidogenic sequence simulation .

Introduction to kinetics of chemical and biochemical reactions.

Structure and function prediction

A new method to detect related function among proteins independent of sequence and fold homology.

Pharmacophore in drug design.

Rotamers and rotamer libraries.


Soft protein-protein docking in internal coordinates, ICM.

Students personal works:

CombDock - Combinatorial assembly of protein building blocks (Yuval Inbar).

List of papers presented in the seminar

More lectures will be added during the semester

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