Fast Interaction REfinement in molecular DOCKing
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FireDock is an efficient method for refinement and re-scoring of rigid-body protein-protein docking solutions.

Please choose one of the options below

Option 1 (use transformation file, a faster option)
Receptor Molecule: (PDB:chainId e.g. 2kai:AB) or upload file:
Ligand Molecule: (PDB:chainId e.g. 2kai:I) or upload file:
Transformations File: (up to 1000 transformations)
(Example: Receptor Molecule: 2kai:AB, Ligand Molecule: 2kai:I, Transformations File:2kai_trans.txt)

Option 2 (use models file, a much slower option) Please DO NOT upload large files! use download version for extensive calculations
Models File: (up to 100)
Receptor chains: Ligand chains:
(Example: Models File:models_example.ent, Receptor chain: E, Ligand chain: I)

Number of output structures: (up to 100)
Your e-mail address:

Advanced Options: (optional)

Complex Type:
Refinement Level:
Number of RBO Cycles:
Atomic Radius Scale:
Bound/Unbound: Receptor: Ligand:
Fixed Residues Files: Receptor: Ligand:
Flexible Residues Files: Receptor: Ligand: