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Interface-to-Interface (I2I)-SiteEngine compares pairs of interacting protein binding sites.

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                                                                                                             Protein-Protein Interface
                                     Protein Complex 1
protein-protein interface concept Protein Complex 2
I2I-SiteEngine aligns between protein-protein interfaces, extracted from two protein-protein complexes.
Beta Version 1.2, 7 February 2005


Shulman-Peleg A., Mintz S., Nussinov R, Wolfson HJ. Protein-Protein Interfaces: Recognition of Similar Spatial and Chemical Organizations,  In Jonassen and J. Kim (Eds.): Algorithms in Bioinformatics: 4th International Workshop, WABI 2004, Bergen, Norway, 2004.  Springer Verlag (2004), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 3240, pp. 194-205 [PDF]