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The database details the interactions of extruded, unpaired RNA nucleotide bases. It presents and classifies the protein binding pockets that accommodate them. It allows the recognition of similar protein binding patters involved in interactions with different RNA molecules. Given an unbound structure of a target protein it allows the prediction of its RNA nucleotide binding sites.

Analyze and classify the nucleotide binding sites of a protein-RNA complex:
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Predict the RNA nucleotide binding sites of a target protein:
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Please cite the following references:
1. Shulman-Peleg A, Shatsky M, Nussinov R. and Wolfson H.J. Prediction of interacting single-stranded RNA bases by protein binding patterns, Journal of Molecular Biology, 2007, Vol 379, pp 299-316 [Link].
2. Shulman-Peleg A., Nussinov R, Wolfson H.J. (2009) RsiteDB: A database of protein binding pockets that interact with RNA nucleotide bases, Nucleic Acids Research, Vol 37, pp. D369-73 [Link].

Alexandra Shulman-Peleg