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Wolfson's Structural Bioinformatics Group

The Structural Bioinformatics group at Tel-Aviv University was established in 1989 by Prof. Haim Wolfson of the Computer Science Department and Prof. Ruth Nussinov of the Institute of Molecular Medicine.

Graduate students belonging to the departments of Computer Science and Human Genetics participate in this interdisciplinary research group. The group focuses its research on major computational tasks in Structural Molecular Biology. We develop and implement state of the art efficient algorithms to tackle these tasks. Typical examples are the comparison of protein structures, biomolecular recognition and computer assisted drug design.

While traditional bioinformatics research deals essentially with one-dimensional data, such as DNA, RNA, and protein sequence analysis, structural bioinformatics is faced with three-dimensional data. Many of the algorithms dealing with such data belong to the field of Geometric Computing which includes disciplines such as Computational Geometry, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics etc. The group is part of the Excellence Center on Geometric Computing which has been recently (1999) established at Tel-Aviv University by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

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