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Head of the BioInfo3D Group

Prof. Haim J. Wolfson, School of Computer Science, TAU.

Research Staff

Name Dept/University email
Dr. Naama Hurwitz CS,TAU

Current Graduate Students

Postdoctoral Students

Name Dept/University Start Year email
Jerome Tubiana CS,TAU 2019

Doctoral Students

Name Dept/University Start Year email
Mark Rozanov CS,TAU 2016

Masters Students

Name Dept/University Start Year email
Dan Cohen CS,TAU 2011

Former Graduate Students

Doctoral Students

Name Dept/University Thesis Title Period Co-supervisor
Yehezkel Lamdan CS,NYU Geometric Hashing 1987-1989 J.T. Schwartz
Daniel Fischer CS,TAU Structural Matching Algorithms in Molecular Biology 1991-1994 R. Nussinov
Raquel Norel CS,TAU Algorithms for Protein Docking 1992-1997 R. Nussinov
Bilha (Billie) Sandak CS,TAU A Method for Biomolecular Structural Recognition allowing Conformational Flexibility 1992-1997 R. Nussinov
Konstantin Kupeev CS,TAU A Structural Method for Shape Recognition 1993-1997 V. Brailovsky
Hadar Benyamini HumGen, MedFac,TAU Applying Novel Geometric Algorithms in the Search for Amyloidogenic Mechanisms 1999-2004 R. Nussinov, MedFac
Inbal Halperin - Landsberg HumGen, MedFac,TAU Improved Docking Schemes Utilizing Biological Information 2001-2005 R. Nussinov, MedFac
Maxim Shatsky CS,TAU The Common Point Set Problem with Applications to Protein Structure Analysis 2001-2006
Nurit Haspel CS,TAU Computational modeling and prediction of self assembling beta-sheet rich protein structures 2001-2006 R. Nussinov
Yuval Inbar CS,TAU Structure Prediction of Multimolecular Protein Complexes 2003-2007
Dina Schneidman-Duhovny CS,TAU Algorithms for Prediction of Molecular Interactions 2003-2008
Oranit Dror CS,TAU Algorithms for Molecular Structure Analysis 2004-2009
Alexandra Shulman-Peleg CS,TAU Algorithms for the Detection and Prediction of 3D Protein Binding Patterns and Interactions 2004-2009
Dan Fishelovitch Human Genetics, MedFac, TAU In Silico prediction of the recognition between small molecules (ligands) and proteins for improved docking and drug design 2004-2009 Ruth Nussinov,MedFac, TAU
Idit Buch Human Genetics, MedFac, TAU In Silico Design, Construction & Validation of Protein Nanostructures 2006-2011 Ruth Nussinov, MedFac, TAU
Ilona Kifer CS,TAU Hierarchical-based Algorithms for Protein Structure Prediction 2005-2011
Efrat Mashiach CS,TAU Flexible Molecular Docking 2008-2013
Keren Lasker TAU Structure Determination of Macromolecular Assemblies by Data Integration 2008-2012

Masters Students

Name Dept/University Thesis Title Period Co-supervisor
Ephraim (Efi) Cohen CS,BGU Partial Matching of 3-D Objects in CAD/CAM Systems 1993-1995 D. Cohen, CS, BGU
Vladimir Alesker CS,TAU Rapid Macromolecule Comparison by Geometric Secondary Structure Matching 1993-1995
Dan Shappir CS,TAU Mapping of NMR interproton distance onto crystallographically determined protein structures by Computer Vision techniques 1992-1996
Michael Kolko CS,TAU Recognition of Articulated 3D Objects from 2D Images 1993-1996
Georgy Verbitsky CS,TAU Structural Comparison of Flexible Protein Domains 1994-1996
Einat Azarya-Sprinzak HumGen, MedFac,TAU Mutations of Spatially Neighboring Residues in Structurally Conserved Environments 1994-1996 R. Nussinov,
Maria Roiterstein-Rosen CS,TAU Protein Molecule Surface Comparison by Computer Vision Techniques 1994-1997
Nathaniel Leibovitz CS,NYU Multiple Structural Alignment of Protein Ensembles 1997-1999
Maxim Shatsky CS,TAU Flexible Alignment of Protein Molecules 1999-2001
Tal Elkayam HumGen, MedFac,TAU Computational Studies of Protein Binding Sites 1998-2001 R. Nussinov
Nurit Haspel HumGen, MedFac,TAU A Computational Study of Protein Folding Pathways 1999-2002 R. Nussinov
Mark Sadov CS,TAU Flexible Matching of Drug Molecules 1996-2002
Dina Schneidman-Duhovny CS,TAU PatchDock: A Method for Binding Site Detection and Unbound Docking of Rigid Molecules 2000-2003
Adi Barzilay HumGen, MedFac,TAU Detection and Analysis of Folding-Function Inter-relationship in Proteins 2000-2003 R. Nussinov, MedFac
Vladimir Polyak CS,TAU BUDDA: Backbone Unbound Docking Application 2000-2003
Oranit Shem-Tov (Dror) CS,TAU MASS: A Method for Multiple Structural Alignment by Secondary Structures 2000-2003
Yuval Inbar CS,TAU Prediction of Protein Structure by Combinatorial Docking 2001-2003
Alexandra Shulman-Peleg CS,TAU Site-Engine: Functional Sites Structural Search Engine 2002-2004
Assaf Oron HumGen, MedFac,TAU Predicting Electrostatic Steering and Encounter Complexes in Protein-Protein Association Processes 2002-2004 Nussinov, MedFac; N. Ben Tal, Life Sc.
Shira Mintz HumGen, MedFac,TAU Computational Studies of Protein Binding Sites 2003-2005 R. Nussinov
Gilad Weinreb HumGen, MedFac,TAU Templating the Building Blocks and a Secondary-Structure Guided superimposition tool 2003-2005 R. Nussinov
Zipora Fligelman (Shaqed) CS,TAU FLEX MOL: A sequence Order Independent Algorithm for Matching Flexible Molecules by Geometric Hashing 1999-2005
Keren Lasker CS,TAU EMatch: A Method for the Discovery of Protein Substructures in EM Maps 2003-2005
Nelly Bluvshtein-Andrusier CS,TAU FireDock: Fast Interaction REfinement in Molecular Docking 2003-2006 R. Nussinov
Ido Shapira CS,TAU SiteLight 2: An improved method for protein binding site prediction using phage display libraries 2003-2006
Aviad Tsherniak CS,TAU ComaLoop: A Method for Protein Loop Modeling Using Contact Maps Similarity 2004-2006
Efrat Mashiach CS,TAU (transferred to direct Ph.D. track) 2006-2008
Mira Abraham-Cohen CS,TAU DARTS: DAtabase of RNA Tertiary Structure and HARP: geodesic Hashing Alignment of RNA secondary structures including Pseudoknots 2006-2010
Elad Donsky CS,TAU 2007
Aviyah Peri CS,TAU 2008
Itamar Banitt CS,TAU ParaDock – a flexible DNA rigid protein geometric complementarity based docking algorithm 2009-2010
Daniel Zaidman CS,TAU Design of peptides that inhibit protein-protein interactions 2011-2016
Naama Amir CS,TAU Modeling of large multi-molecular assemblies 2013-2015
Misha Zabejansky CS,TAU 2014-2017
Maria Gorodetski CS,TAU Knowledge Based Design of Protein Binding Peptides 2016-2019
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