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The current release of DARTS reflects the structural repertoire of RNA based on all the 1333 solved RNA structures that were available in the PDB in March 2007. DARTS provides a set of 244 structures that represents the whole data (maximum 90% 3D structural or sequential identity). Each of the remaining structures is assigned to one representative structure as either a highly-identical structure or a highly-identical fragment. In addition, DARTS provides a hierarchical classification of all the 1333 RNA structures into 94 clusters. The description of each cluster is a dendrogram of its representatives, where each representative is assigned with two sets of its highly-identical structures and fragments.

The hierarchical clustering method used to construct DARTS is fully automated and is mainly based on spatial similarity, as determined by ARTS.

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    If you use this database, please cite:

  • M. Abraham, O. Dror, R. Nussinov, H. J. Wolfson, Analysis and classification of RNA tertiary structures, RNA, 14: 2274-2289, (2008). [Abstract] [PDF]