Flexible Induced-fit Backbone Refinement in Molecular Docking

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This section will contain answers to the most common questions received about FiberDock.
For any information, suggestion and question, please feel FREE to email ppdock@post.tau.ac.il

Question 1:

I get an error message about my input from the server. What is wrong with my input?


Possible Input Errors:

  • PDB code: make sure you enter valid PDB code, i.e. the molecule with this code exists in PDB.
  • Chain ID: make sure that the chains you specified exist in the PDB file.
  • Uploaded file: should be in PDB format only!

  • IMPORTANT! please use standard PDB atom naming in the files you upload!

Question 2:

I didn't get an e-mail with the results from the server to my Hotmail account. What should I do?


The e-mail from the webserver was probably filtered by Hotmail spam filter and can be found in the spam folder.
You should mark it as 'not spam' once and the next e-mails from the server will arrive to the Inbox.